Restruction Building Services specializes in full scope building envelope renovation services, which can be customized to suit your unique project. Our company was incorporated in 1997 and has grown over the years to provide unquestionable quality and reliable service to the ever evolving residential and commercial construction markets. We have now brought our extensive building envelope remediation experience and excellent reputation among peers and clientele from British Columbia to Alberta.


Restruction's primary area of expertise lies in the successful execution of building renovations. We take on projects of all sizes and have an extensive team of Consultants and Tradespersons that we use for all divisions of work. We specialize in multi-family residential, condominium and commerical buildings, from the structural framework to the exterior finishes, including:

- Asbestos abatement, hazardous materials engineering & demolition

- Rot & structural framing repairs, concrete remediation

- Installation of building envelope components & rainscreen cladding systems

- Removal & replacement of windows, doors cladding & soffit materials

- Liquid & vinyl deck waterproofing, parkade & concrete foundation repairs and waterproofing

- All types of roofing & sealant replacement, gutter & downpipe installation

- Landscaping, hardscape installation & paving work

Each client and project is unique and so should each project approach. Depending on the client's wishes and the complexity of the project scope, Restruction will select one of the following project delivery methods most suited to satisfy your project requirements:

- As a General Contractor, in which Restruction is either retained directly by the client to quote on a project, or in a design-bid-build arrangement through a Consultant

- As a Design-Builder, in which Restruction will work closely with the client and the designer from the beginning of a project to create the scope of work and then perform the renovations

- As a Construction Manager, in which Restruction works directly as an agent for the owner and manages all aspects of the project

Restruction's experience in construction processes including scope of work definition, budgeting, scheduling, construction, quality control and post-construction services ensure project value and client satisfaction.

In addition to our renovation services, our building maintenance division can be contracted to perform ongoing maintenance work following the completion of a project, including building component reviews at warranty period checkpoints to ensure that clients are maximizing the warranty potential. Restruction also carries ongoing preventative maintenance work based on Reserve Fund Study and Depreciation Report recommendations.


A Reserve Fund Study - known as a "Depreciation Report" in BC - is a valuable long-range planning tool for your property and a critical element in retaining the value of your assets now and in the future. They are mandatory for all condominiums in Alberta and BC and must be completed every 5 years. These studies evaluate the condition and performance of all physical building components, anticipate the expected useful life of these building assets and provide a detailed financial plan for the owners to prepare for the ongoing maintenance and future replacement of building systems as they deteriorate.

Customized to your needs, Restruction and our team of Consultants offer the following Reserve Fund Study services:

- Coordination of report execution including the retention of Consultants and owner engagement

- Drafting of follow up maintenance and renovation schedules and strategies, based on RFS recommendations

- Reserve fund financial planning and expense models, tailored to accommodate the owners financial position

- Building envelope site investigations on behalf of owners or Engineers

Our goal is to make life for those responsible for the execution of these reports as easy as possible, each step of the way.


Third party Building Envelope Renovation Warranty Insurance is an important component of your envelope renovation project, providing clients with peace of mind by protecting your investment through a materials, labour and water penetration warranty program. A long-standing licensed Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) contractor in BC, Restruction Building Services is now the first Building Envelope Renovator in Alberta to partner with National Home Warranty and Aviva Canada. Our team draws from the expertise of Insurance Brokers, Building Envelope Consultants and Renovators, providing clients with a broad warranty coverage program.


Restruction can assist clientele with financing for projects of any size - either directly with Restruction if your project meets our program requirements, or through one of our recommended third party financiers who offer a wide range of financial options.


Restruction currently has a $20 million aggregate bonding capacity and a $5 million comprehensive liability insurance policy.

Please explore our website to learn more about our growing company and what we can provide for you - we hope Restruction Building Services can be of service to you now or in the near future.

Andy Gallacher,
Restruction Building Services

Proud Member of Edmonton Construction Association       CONTACT:   admin@restruction.ca         BC: 604.538.5683         Alberta: 587.470.7482